Wednesday 9 November 2016

My friends are here! Part 1.

I have had THE best long-weekend in Bali.

I flew over late on Friday night to meet two of my dearest friends from London. We spent the first day taking in the picture-perfect views of the beach from La Lucciola, followed by a long day of tanning and drinking at Potato Head. It was paradise. I don't think I will ever get bored of sun, sea and palm trees.

Potato Head

Potato Head

In the evening we spruced up and headed to Motel Mexicola for dinner. I've never been anywhere like it... kind of a split-level, indoor circus/market. It was raining so hard when we got there that water was streaming through a hole in the roof. In minutes the floor was wet up to our ankles, people were dancing on the tables and staff were pouring tequila into our mouths. 

Motel Mexicola

Motel Mexicola

Around midnight the done thing seemed to be for everyone to ditch Mexicola and jump into taxis over to La Favela on the main strip. I can see why. La Favela is a never-ending maze of a place with great music. We met some really cool people and continued on until morning. I don't think my feet have ever been so dirty.

I wasn't exaggerating...

We had pre-planned to go to Uluwatu for days 3 & 4 as I'd heard from a few people that it had breath taking scenery and beaches. They were definitely right about the views. We spent the first day at Uluwatu Temple taking heaps of photos...and just about avoiding the monkeys stealing our sunglasses.

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple

We had booked ourselves in at an amazing villa called The Innpossible on Bingin beach. It was in a fairly remote location which meant we had to climb up and down 200 steps to get there - but it was totally worth it. We had the private penthouse to ourselves which overlooked the never ending-ocean filled with surfers morning, noon and night.

Beach view
The view from our villa

Hammock life
I'm happy, can you tell|?

We had dinner and drinks at Single Fin just as the sun was setting over the ocean, before proceeding to have another long night of drinking, chatting rubbish and attempting to get back to our remote villa.

Sunset from Single Fin

Our last day in Bali was spent at Padang Padang beach (fun fact: this is where they filmed |Eat, Pray Love!). The waves were pretty angry so after two pairs of sunglasses had been lost to the sea we called it a day.

Padang Padang Beach

It was then BBQd fish and early bed ready for the early start to fly to Singapore the next day!

It was such an amazing holiday. One of the best. I was really sad to leave but exciting for my pals to see Singapore... maybe I can convince them to move over here too?!

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