Friday 23 September 2016

Singapore's First Wine Tasting Lab

On Wednesday Phil and I popped into 75cl's tasting lab to do what we do best, and drink some wine!

Nuzzled away in Bukit Merah, 75cl's tasting lab is a split-level, airy space filled floor to ceiling with bottles of wine, wine, more wine and spirits.


There were 56 wines to taste on our visit, each costing between $2-$4 SGD for a 30ml measure.

The staff gave us both a smart card when we arrived; so all we had to do was slot the card into the machine, choose our wine, press the button and fill our glass. A pretty nifty concept and meant we could go at our own pace and choose jwhichever wine we wanted throughout the evening.
Here's my new favourite:

My new favourite wine
NZ, Gladstone Vineyard Pinot Noir

75cl also have an online shop with over 1600 different wines and spirits available to buy at wholesale price. They've opened this new tasting lab for those of us who want to try before we buy - perfect for wine novices like me who want to build their repertoire.

So the moral of the story is: next time you're in Cold Storage and about to buy a bottle for 50 bucks; put it back and go for 75cl instead. You can try before you buy and save money at the same time. Can't go wrong. 

Happy Winesday!

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