Saturday 20 August 2016

Wine, cheese and heaps of paint

This week flew by and before I knew it, it was Friday and I was at The Australian Chamber of Commerce's Wine and Cheese networking night at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

It was food and drink heaven. There was every Australian and NZ red, white, rose and sparking wine (and beer) you could ever want. Then in the centre of the hall there were stacks of hard, soft and blue cheeses; breads, olives and other antipasti which were all absolutely delicious. On top of all this, there were some guys walking around with strips of juicy lamb and beef steaks (courtesy of The Meat Club) which were to die for. 

I still can't get over how amazing an event AustCham Wine and Cheese is - it takes place annually and I will definitely be back next year!

AustCham Wine and Cheese
AustCham Wine & Cheese

After ingesting our body weight in steak, cheese and wine; a colleague and I headed over to Bar.Nkd on Club Street to meet Phil and some pals. We then walked a couple of doors up to Beaujolais where we drank and danced until the early hours.

Club Street is a great place to hang out and drink on a Friday night. They pedestrianise the area at night so all the bars spill out into the street. It kind of has that European holiday strip vibe, but without the fishbowls of miscellaneous cocktails and people vomiting on the pavement...

The next morning we went for brunch at Breko in Holland V with Phil's colleagues, then the two of us headed over to Sentosa Island to meet some of my colleagues for Singapore's 2016 Colour Run. Running in 35 degrees was sweaty and tough, but they put on a bit of a festival afterwards where we drank beer, threw paint and danced for hours in the sun. It was awesome.

Colour Run 2016

Colour Run 2016

Colour Run 2016Colour Run 2016

Colour Run 2016Colour Run 2016

Colour Run 2016

This evening we met some pals over at Fort Canning Park for a picnic and to watch Anchorman as part of the the 'Films at the Fort' open air cinema. It's this kind of thing that makes me love Singapore so much. The weather and the expat crowd means there's so much to do and this weekend I feel like we have really made the most of what's on offer over here.

Films at the Fort
Waiting for Anchorman to begin..
Today marks our second month living in Singapore and I still haven't found anything about the country to complain about!

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