Tuesday 16 May 2017

Cruising Ha Long Bay

A couple of friends from the UK were touring Vietnam so Phil and I took a long-weekend to join them in Ha Long Bay.

There are numerous tour packages to choose from offering different levels of luxury, activities and duration of trip. Luckily we didn't have to worry about making the decision as it had already been made for us by our friends who had gone for Garden Bay Cruises.

We got picked up from Hanoi and driven over to the harbour. The Garden Bay boat was relatively small with just a handful of other people and us.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner was served for us on the boat and in between we kayaked around the limestone pillars, explored caves, went squid fishing, drunk G&Ts, did some tai chi on the deck and sunbathed.

It really was a flying visit and we could have done with another day to properly switch off from work and relax, but it was well worth it and great to see a little bit of Hanoi before our return flight to Singapore as well.

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