Sunday 24 July 2016

A wedding and a wet weekend

In my last post I mentioned we were about to head out to meet some pals.. well the evening went something like this: Phil and I had several Dirty Martinis at home before heading to Club Street for a couple more cocktails. We then stumbled over to Boat Quay to meet our friends at Skinny's Lounge, had a few more cocktails and holed ourselves in the karaoke room until the wee hours. It was a fun night, but being up and ready for Phil's colleagues 10.30am wedding the next morning was not so fun...

The wedding was so different from any either of us have been to in the UK. The first thing I noticed was that the dress code appeared to be 'whatever goes' with some people wearing three-piece suits, chinos, smart leather shoes or high heels.. whilst others wore jeans, tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

The ceremony began with an animated cartoon video of how the couple met and how their relationship developed. Then, after lots of hymn singing and the exchange of vows/rings, a kind of dancing flash-mob occurred with the bride, groom and all the bridesmaids. Once the couple had made a speech, lunch was served in canteen/buffet style at both sides of the church and the bride sang karaoke. After this, Disney songs were played and people started leaving.

It was a beautiful day and we are really thankful to have been invited. We were also thankful to get back home, close our eyes and try and get rid of our hangovers.

Chijmes wedding
The wedding venue - Chijmes
Chijmes wedding
The inside of Chijmes

happy couple
The happy couple
Wedding Favour
Wedding Favour

On Sunday, we went for brunch at a place called Toby's Estate near Robertson Quay with a couple of friends. Both the coffee and company were great, but the food was pretty standard. (Although I should mention that their bacon is delicious - it is espresso-maple laquered!)

The heavens opened just as we finished brunch which scuppered any outdoor plans we had, so we bought some paint and had a day re-purposing some old chairs (as you do..). 

Here are our rainy day achievements:

Upcycling chairs
Upcycling chairs
Upcycling chairs

Upcycling chairs
...and after. Ta dahhh

I'm writing this post on Monday morning as I'm still not back at work today. I really hope my background check gets finalised soon..!

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